Establishing Qualifying Impairments Through The Assistance Of A Social Security Disability Attorney In Park Ridge

Children with physical impairments qualify for Social Security benefits based on the severity of the condition. These conditions are outlined in the Illinois DDS and SSA eligibility guidelines for Social Security disability. They imply that any physical condition which could impair the child’s ability to learn, work during adolescence, or is terminal qualifies the child for these payments.

What is a Qualifying Physical Impairment?

Cardiovascular impairments are qualified under the eligibility guidelines. They imply that the child’s condition prevents the adequate function of their circulatory system or heart. The child could acquire the condition or inherit it from a parent. This impairment qualifies the child for benefits based on one of the eligibility-based criteria.

The child possesses a ventricular dysfunction or has been diagnosed with chronic heart failure. The obstruction of blood flow to the heart causes a rhythm disturbance which could render an inadequate output of the heart. The child possesses disorders associated with the heart’s arteries or veins. If a child who was diagnosed with this condition was denied benefits, his or her parents can hire a Social Security Disability attorney in Park Ridge to represent them.

For the child to qualify for Social Security disability with a cardiovascular impairment, the condition must have existed for at least one year. He or she should have medical records, which include imaging that shows evidence of the condition. The doctor must deem the condition uncontrollable, and it is still present when the application is filed.

All medical records submitted as evidence of the condition must detail the history of the condition starting from the date in which the child was diagnosed. This includes all physical examinations, lab-based test results, prescribed medications used to treat it, and any related surgeries. In addition to these basic records, the DDS and SSA need longitudinal clinical files, which outline the severity of the condition.

These records should imply the duration in which the child is expected to possess this physical impairment. Any care and management utilized for these conditions is listed in further medical records and should be submitted with the initial application. Any applicant who provided the required evidence of a cardiovascular impairment and was denied benefits should hire a Social Security Disability Attorney in Park Ridge. Visit Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates Ltd. for more information.

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