Essential Information About AC Repair in Loughman, FL

Summer is coming! Are you properly equipped to face the oppressive heat? It is definitely the time to check your air conditioning unit. First, you should replace the filters. The dirty filters in your cooling system will restrict air flow. Second, set your thermostat to the cooling mode, and check to see if the system is functioning. In case the system has a problem, immediately contact a professional offering AC Repair in Loughman FL. They will help you fix the problem. Depending on the nature of the damage, you might be required to replace your air conditioning unit. If so, whatever type of system you select, check its capacity and energy efficiency.

Capacity of the system

This is also referred to as tonnage.The AC size doesn’t matter, but its capacity should be checked before purchasing. An oversized system is ineffective and less energy efficient. Work with a professional to select the right size for you home. For example, the standard requirement for a room size up to 120 square feet is a capacity of 0.75 ton. An experienced AC repair company, such as Charles M Watts AC, can help you calculate your needs and recommend the appropriate size unit for your home.

Energy efficiency

The air conditioner you purchase should be energy efficient. It is advisable you choose an air conditioning unit with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). Although units with a higher seasonal energy efficiency rating are costly, a higher SEER value means a more energy efficient system.

Major Types of Air Conditioners

There are three major types of air conditioners. They include:

Portable AC: These air conditioners have limited capacities. They do not require professionals to install them. The systems are very efficient for use in a small room.

Windows AC: They are most popular for single rooms. They are installable by homeowners.

Central AC: They are used for cooling entire homes or businesses. When the correct size unit is selected, this type of unit can cool most spaces.

These are some of the essential details you should know before you hire the services of AC Repair in Loughman FL. Make sure you choose the right company in order to get the best services. For more information about professional AC repair services, go to Watts Air Conditioning

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