Essential Equipment to Bring on Scuba Trips in Key Largo

Are you thinking of taking part in one of the many planned scuba trips in Key Largo? If so, you might want to know what equipment you need to purchase to be prepared for this type of trip.

Scuba diving requires the use of specific equipment. This equipment is vital to not only the overall enjoyment of the trip, but to your safety. Choosing to pack or use the wrong equipment could lead to a life or death situation.

The following are some examples of scuba diving equipment that is considered a ‘must have’ for all divers.

The Mask

A scuba diving mask is an essential piece of equipment that every diver needs. It can provide you with a great view of the world under the water or it can make your entire time miserable.

When purchasing a scuba mask it is essential to make sure the mask fits properly. The mask should sit securely on the face without digging into the skin. This secure fit will keep water out, while still allowing you to feel comfortable while diving.

Diving Fins

Diving fins are not considered essential pieces of diving equipment, but can improve your overall experience. There are a number of varying lengths, widths, and weights when it comes to diving fins and most divers become comfortable or confident with a specific type.

People going on scuba diving trips may want to consider purchasing and packing their own diving fins. Rental shops may provide this type of equipment, but it is not guaranteed to be the length, width and weight that you are used to using while on a dive.

Dive Computer/Calculator

Each individual has their own, unique decompression limits. There is a complex formula that is used to calculate these depths. Some divers can do the calculations in their head, while others cannot.

Packing a dive computer/calculator will guarantee that you are always using the proper decompression limits while on a dive. Using a proper decompression level is essential to prevent decompression sickness that results from rising to the surface too quickly.

People thinking of taking part in scuba trips in Key Largo can schedule their trip through the Key Largo Dive Center.

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