Entertainment Lawyer New Jersey- What They Do

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Attorney

There is no doubt that the entertainment industry contributes a lot to the economy every year. Entertainment is part of the American culture. He issues surrounding the industry interest a lot of people. It is for this reason that the industry makes money each year. This industry also has legal issues that are guarded by the law. Entertainment law is a specialty in law and we have lawyers that are experts in entertainment law.  This law like any other law differs from one state to another. An entertainment lawyer New Jersey offers legal aid to individuals and companies in the entertainment industry.  It covers all areas including music, film, television, theater, publishing and multimedia entertainment like video games. The entertainment industry is wide and covers a lot of aspects. Some of the things that an entertainment lawyer New Jersey will do include:

  • Contract Drafting-  one of the things that an entertainment lawyer is coming up with contracts or review contracts for clients with their managers, publicists, studios and  record labels. They have to draw up contracts that are legal and favor their client. In the entertainment industry a simple clause in a contract can cost someone millions of shillings. They also help their client negotiate these contracts when they want to get out of them.
  • An entertainment lawyer is also responsible for defending entertainers and companies from different lawsuits. They can defend them from criminal charges and any other personal legal issues that they might have. It is important even when handling even personal issues to use entertainment lawyers. This is mainly because personal issues in entertainment have a way of interfering with your professional life. An expert lawyer will ensure that they protect your image and make your personal life and decisions do not affect your career.
  • These lawyers are also experts in the business side of the entertainment industry. An entertainment lawyer will ensure that their client makes the right deals in order to profit from their career. They will help them make the right decisions for marketing, merchandising and in the making of tax returns.
  • Copyright laws- in entertainment these are important laws that guard the rights of an artist to a particular piece of work. Entertainment lawyers are extremely helpful in taking the entertainers and companies through the copyright laws. Breaching the copyright laws can be extremely expensive.

When looking for an entertainment lawyer New Jersey, you should ensure that you find someone that is experienced. They should also be able to connect with you at a personal level because they will not only handle your career but also your personal business.

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