Ensure Your Car or Truck Drives Smoothly With Transmission Repair in Conroe

One of the most complex components in modern automobiles is the transmission. This is especially true for the automatic shifting transmission which has hundreds of moving parts. The primary purpose of the transmission is to transfer the power of the engine to the driving wheels. However, it has to be able to reduce the load on the engine by shifting to higher gears. This process reduces the strain on the motor by allowing it to operate at a lower RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). These steps must also be reversible so that a slowing vehicle can smoothly move forward when required.

The automatic transmission handles these tasks through the use of hydraulics. The transmission is connected to the engine’s flywheel by a device called a torque converter. This converter builds up hydraulic pressure inside the transmission and transfers the engine’s power to internal gears and clutches. The interior of the transmission has a series of small channels that control fluid flow and route it where required. Unfortunately, this complex piece of machinery can fail and require Best Transmission Repair In Conroe. In simple cases the repair may be a fluid flush and filter change. This fix works by removing any accumulated sludge or trash in the fluid channels.

The manual shift transmission works through the use of a clutch assembly. The clutch plate attaches to the engine’s flywheel and operates through the use of a yoke and bearing. The bearing eases the movement of the clutch whenever you press or release the pedal. The clutch assembly is the most likely place for a standard transmission to fail. Either the clutch will wear down or the bearing will give out. Other problems can occur in the shifting assembly or linkages.

Another problem that a motorist may have is a damaged universal joints. These are the connections between the transmission and the drive shaft. Their purpose is to connect the drive shaft at odd angles without a reduction in RPM speeds. Like other components the universal joints require lubrication, but people tend to forget they exist. When this happens the small rollers inside the bearings overheat and fail. If you are noticing a lack of power, poor shifting or simply need Transmission Repair Conroe be sure to visit the experts at Discount Brake & Auto Repair.

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