Ensure the Water and Sewer Flows Freely With Help From Plumbers in Baltimore MD

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your home, but some of the worst include plumbing failures. There are two basic aspects to your home’s plumbing, the fresh water supply and the waste water removal. Fresh water is high pressure system with a PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) between twenty to fifty although the average pressure is about thirty. This ensure the water is always ready to flow when a tap is opened. The sewage system is a low pressure pipe that operates mainly by gravity. Unfortunately, this lower pressure makes it easy for clogs to build up requiring you to call for Plumbers in Baltimore MD.

One of the worst plumbing problems that a homeowner can deal with is a leaking pipe. Even more troublesome is a leak that isn’t visible. Hidden leaks can occur in walls, behind cabinets and even under the concrete floor. If the water runoff is distributed in such a way that it leaves no trace, the homeowner may never know the problem exists except for the rise in water consumption. Plumbing services in Baltimore MD can find the problem with the help of acoustical aids. They do this by listening for variances in sounds that indicate the existence of escaping water, vibrating pipes or other unusual noises. One of the most important benefits of acoustical detection is the ability to pinpoint exactly where the problem is located. This can reduce the amount of demolition required to access the problem which decreases repair time and costs.

Another really difficult issue which always requires Plumbers in Baltimore MD is a clogged or broken sewer line. The large pipes that connect your home to a septic system or municipal sewer line can build up a residue over the years. This usually leads to clogs at the joints, curves or angles. To remove the clog the plumber will need to push through it with a rooter, also known as a pipe snake. This flexible tool has an auger on the end that can pierce the clog and get the sewer flowing again. Unfortunately, if the pipe is broken, the plumber may need to dig up your yard. If you are lucky, the repair can be handled with the so-called trenchless method. This is the application of pushing another pipe or sleeve through the existing pipe, but even this solution requires some damage to the landscaping. For more information contact Fitz Brothers Mechanical

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