Enhance the Flavor of Your Steak

The best way to enhance the flavor of your steak is by adding the perfect spice blend. By applying it and allowing it to permeate the meat you will have a taste that will truly amaze. You thought you loved steak before, try it now with steak seasoning in Columbus, GA area.

Salt Is a Chef’s Weapon
Most things you cook won’t be complete unless you have added salt to them. The best way to think of salt is as a flavor magnifier. When you add salt to something it serves to make the flavor it is enhancing taste even more like that flavor. So when you add it to a steak or burger the salt acts as a way to boost up the original taste of the meat and unlock its true potential.

Toss Some Spices into the Mix
Black pepper and other spices are a great way to throw some heat into your meat. These ingredients provide a mild spiciness to your beef without being too intense for those that may not enjoy that flavor. When just the right amount is used, it gives just a bit of heat that hits the back of the tongue that will linger for just a short amount of time without being overwhelming.

The Perfect Steak Blend
Stripling’s General Store has been perfecting its steak and burger seasoning since 1964. They have combined the perfect amount of black pepper and spices to provide unique flavor and ground kosher salt to magnify the natural taste of the meat. They know the perfect balance this is required to give their customers a way to eat their steak and burgers the way that they were meant to be experienced. Sometimes you want a simpler, more natural taste to your beef, and their steak seasoning offers you just that. Come to Stripling’s when you.

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