Engagement Rings in Tarrytown, NY: How to choose the perfect one

One of the most difficult purchases any man will ever have to make has to do with getting the perfect engagement rings in Tarrytown, NY. Picking out gifts is not most men’s strong suit, so picking out an engagement ring becomes exponentially more difficult. There are a lot of factors to consider that frankly make choosing the perfect ring a nightmare. There is however a few tips to keep in mind that will help you find the perfect ring for your wedding proposal.

The first step is to forget about the rules that you have heard when it comes to buying an engagement ring. You will need to be open minded and go for something that will work best for your situation. You therefore don’t need to spend your three month salary on a wedding ring. Instead, simply make a budget that is reasonable and that you are comfortable with. After all, your soul mate shouldn’t expect you to break bank even before you start a life together. Come up with a reasonable budget and stick to it.

Next, you should pay special attention to the cut of the diamond, and avoid skimping on this. As a rule of thumb, diamonds are measured by their cut, color, clarity and carat or what is known as the Four C’s in industry terms. The cut will be the most important thing to pay attention to here. A good cut is what will determine the sparkle or brilliance of the diamond. A brilliant and sparkly diamond will also appear larger in size than it actually is especially compared to a bigger alternative that is of a lower cut.

Finally, you should only buy engagement rings in Tarrytown, NY from trusted and reputable sellers. This means that you have to ask for certification before you pay for your purchase. Some of the certification you need to be looking out for includes that from the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America. Reputable dealers such Michael Matthews Jewelers would also take into account your budget and preferences and help you come up with an option that your soon to be fiancee is going to love.


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