Employing Safety While Using A Pressure Washer To Clean Surfaces

A pressure washer is beneficial to have on hand if you need to clean an exterior surface that has a lot of dirt and debris that is difficult to remove by other means. When you’re using a Hotsy pressure washer in Chicago, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind so that the surface isn’t damaged and to prevent injuries. The first thing that you need to do is determine what kind of pressure washer you’re using as some operate off the gas while others are electric. There are benefits to both depending on whether you want to have a cord on the ground while using the machine or if you wish to pour gas into the machine before it’s used.

Determine the size of the Hotsy pressure washer in Chicago that you need to get for the job. If the area is small, such as a patio or deck, then a light-duty washer will usually be enough. However, you might want to look at a heavy-duty power washer if you’re cleaning the exterior of your home or if you’re cleaning a large driveway. Keep in mind that the engine size in the machine will impact the strength of the unit. If you’re trying to clean a large surface area, then a smaller motor likely won’t complete the job as you would like.

When you’re using the power washer, make sure you have both hands on the hose to control the spray from the nozzle as well as the handle. Tips for the nozzles come in universal colors based on the angle of how you’re spraying. Wear eye protection to keep debris and water from getting into your eyes. Try to hold the nozzle a few inches from the surface to decrease the risk of damage from any debris that might get blown back.

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