Elements of Spring Lawn Care in Charlotte

When the weather starts getting warmer and you find that your grass doesn’t look as green or healthy as it did in the fall, don’t fret. One of the most common complaints about spring lawns is crabgrass, the thick-bladed weed can take over your lawn if you don’t get it under control quickly. There are some steps that your lawn care professional can take to bring your grass back to life so you have the lush, green lawn you desire.

Caring for your own lawn can be very time consuming. Most busy homeowners barely have enough time in the day to mow their own lawn. By hiring an experience lawn care company, you can get the benefit of the skills and knowledge they acquired over years of beautifying Charlotte lawns. Whether your problem is crabgrass or other weeds, when you contract with a company that provides lawn care in Charlotte, you will notice a significant improvement.

In spring, your lawn care professional will apply fertilizer and pre-emergents to your grass. Fertilizer will help healthy grass grow while pre-emergents will prevent weeds like crabgrass. Depending on the condition of your lawn at the beginning of spring, you may need several treatment throughout the season. Lawn professionals may schedule your service once a month during the spring to treat and maintain your grass.

If pests are a problem in your lawn, your professional lawn service provider can apply insect control products to your grass. Homeowners with pets should be sure they understand the restrictions you will have to follow after the treatment is applied. You may have to keep your pet off of the grass for a period of time to ensure that your dog does not eat the insecticide.

Your end-of-spring Lawn Care in Charlotte may consist of a thorough inspection of your lawn to check for fungus, insects and the general health of your lawn. When necessary, your lawn may be services one or more times in the summer. Your service provider will tell you if you need to water your lawn or if an irrigation system would benefit your grass.

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