Elements of an Effective Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Melrose, MA

According to data gathered by the CDC, over 1.2 million motorcyclists were admitted to emergency rooms. While state and federal governments have enacted stringent laws to reduce motorcycle accidents, 11% of all roadway accidents involve motorcycles. If the unfortunate occurs, it’s essential to locate a respected and experienced accident attorney. However, not just any accident attorney will do. Due to the specific circumstances of motorcycle incidents, the ideal attorney specializes in this form of accidents.

To locate a well-versed Motorcycle Accident Attorney Melrose MA, it’s essential to identify several key factors. The first, and most important, element is to locate a specialized accident attorney. Review an attorney’s website to determine if he handles motorcycle accidents. Do not choose a standard personal injury attorney for motorcycle-based claims. Rather, select an attorney that specializes in similar claims. For example, the Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass specializes in the complexities involved in motorcycle accidents.

The next element of an effective Motorcycle Accident Attorney Melrose MA is to identify their experience. Search for an attorney with a case history that involves accidents beyond standard vehicles. Because the court’s perception of motorcycle drivers leans toward the negative, an attorney must be aggressive. This negative connotation can lead to an unfair disadvantage. Experienced motorcycle accident attorneys fight against these incorrect perceptions. Typically, this is accomplished via thorough research regarding motorcyclist driving history and highlighting specific crash elements. Without an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, winning this type of case is an uphill battle. Because of this, identify the true effectiveness of a potential attorney by discovering:

1. The percentage of the practice that’s devoted to motorcycle accidents
2. Specific experience and case examples when dealing with motorcycle-related injuries
3. Average motorcycle accident settlement cost
4. The fee structure of their representation
5. Average out-of-pocket expenses required for representation

Attorney fee structures can greatly vary. However, as a general rule of thumb, most attorneys require one-third to 40% of the settlement amount. Perhaps the most important qualifying marker is when these fees are taken out. The most experienced attorneys require no upfront fees. Due to their success rate, these attorney’s are confident in their ability to win a case. Therefore, fee’s are withheld until a final settlement is agreed upon.

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