Elegance and Craftsmanship with Wicker Dining Sets

Wicker came about through experimentation in the 1800’s. Today, this old technique has become a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. The word “wicker” actually pertains to weaving. Although rattan is the most common natural material used for creating wicker furniture, other natural and synthetic materials include cane (which is often used in the manufacturing of table and chair legs) and plastic. These materials are weaved together to create beautiful furniture that is strong and durable, and last for many years with proper maintenance.

Eating in Style
Feel revitalized whenever you enter your dining room. Sit down at a wicker dining set and prepare yourself for the ultimate experience in luxury. The creative and stylish design of the furniture coupled with plush floral back and seat cushions makes its own bright and airy statement. Your eating area will be forever transformed into a place of tropical comfort that you will want to return to night and day.

Diverse and Trendy
Although several of the same style and designs are created, a wicker dining set is unique enough to appear as though it were one-of-a-kind. Available in a variety of colors from brown to white, some of these wicker dining sets are designed with a pedestal for support and two to four low-back castor chairs that make it easy to leave the table after a hearty meal. Other tables have the traditional four leg support. They are square or rectangular shaped, and are paired with stationary high-back wicker chairs. The layer of beveled glass on top of each table completes the look of opulence.

Affordable Quality
Bamboo and synthetic wicker are inexpensive options to consider when shopping for wicker dining sets. Although less expensive, these materials still create quality furniture with a distinctive woven design that produces sturdiness. An added bonus is the light weight of the furniture which facilitates easy mobility. Maintenance is minimal, requiring little more than wiping up spills as they occur and keeping the furniture dust free. Following these simple steps will allow you to maintain the quality of wicker furniture in general and extend its duration.

Wicker furniture is stylish, diverse, and trendy. If you are looking for Wicker Dining Sets or a Wicker Dining Table, Wicker Warehouse offers a nice selection. Visit Wickerwarehouse.com to see how affordable it can be to seat yourself and your family in the lap of luxury.

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