Electronic Cigarette Charger & Accessories

Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated. Therefore, keeping the battery charged becomes one of the most important aspects of the e-cig. The battery charges the atomizer, which vaporizes the liquid, causing the electronic device to do what it was created to do. All electronic devices die when the battery dies. Remember to safely charge the battery of an e-cig.

Four Options for the Electronic Cigarette Charger

1. The Personal Charging Case: The personal charging case is a portable electric outlet that allows for the convenience of mobility. It is self-contained and has enough power to charge the electronic cigarette up to four times. The personal charger is then charged with a USB or wall charger to be ready for the next outing. It also comes with a power indicator light.

2. Car Charger: The car charger is the next best thing for portability, like most electronic devices. It is standard operating equipment for the electronic cigarette charger. It plugs into the car’s power adapter via USB and is charged when the blue ready light is lit.

3. USB Charger: Another electronic cigarette accessory, the USB adapter, allows for charging through a laptop, PC, or most any USB outlet. This makes it easy to charge at work or at home. Like most USB outlets, the red indicator light means charging and the blue means full.

4. Wall Charger: Usually connected to the electronic cigarette via the USB within the wall unit’s adapter, the wall charger is a two-pronged device that fits into a 120-volt wall outlet.

Like all batteries, eventually the e-cigarette’s battery will have to be replaced, but by using proper charger you can extend the life of the battery and make for many hours of vaping.

Sometimes, you may experience an issue with your battery. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Electronic Cigarette Battery Troubleshooting

1. Manual battery not charging: Usually this occurs because the battery or the battery charger is dirty. Clean by using a damp cloth to wipe off the battery’s post and the post inside the charger. Another reason this might happen is because the battery has been screwed too tightly into the atomizer. Unscrew slightly. Remember to only screw the battery into the atomizer until the red indicator light comes on.

2. Automatic battery not charging: This occurs because most automatic batteries are not sealed. Although this is good for the sensors that trigger when the user is inhaling, it also gives way to the possibility of the e-liquid getting inside and short-circuiting the battery. Keeping the battery clean can also help this problem.

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