Electrocardiogram Cables and Leads for Multiple Applications

An ECG, or electrocardiogram, is one of the quickest and fastest ways to register and interpret heart activity. Electrical impulses occur naturally according to coordinated contractions in the heart for consistent blood flow.

The ECG process reads these impulses through a set of electrodes on the chest. The information transfers to the monitoring or telemetry units for measurement, interpretation and printouts through what’s known as lead wires or ECG cables.

Reliable and Precise Measurement

ECG patient cables attach to electrodes on the chest and measure ECG respiration and thoracic impedance in both adult and pediatric patients. The non-invasive technique can process such parameters as heart rate, stroke volume and cardiac output. ECG cables also include lines for ultrasound.

ECG cables commonly include a group of branching lead lines with a location designator and color-coding. Color-coding systems facilitate proper electrode placement. Coding is important for workflow efficiency and for correct lead placement and precision processes according to recognized standards.

Products with durable jacketing keep lines flexible and able to hold up to twisting and bending while enabling cleaning and improving patient comfort. Fully shielded leads and cables also reduce the potential for electromagnetic interference. Common lead configurations include 2,3,5,6 and 10 lead wires.

The Right Cable for the Procedure and Equipment

The selection of ECG patient cables affords compatibility with a large number of patient monitoring equipment. Compatibility and traceability can be ensured with lot, serial and part numbers found on ECG cables.

Top makers of ECG cables include:

• Braemar

• ConMed

• Burdick Mortara

• GE

• EdanUSA

Online providers of cardiology and medical products carry an extensive selection of specific products, helping medical professionals get the ECG cables and equipment they need to properly serve their patients. 24-hour online catalogs and secure purchasing mean products will ship right away and when needed.

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