Electricians and Electrical Contractors

When you think of an electrical contractor, you are probably actually thinking of an electrician. Although these two careers are very similar, there are some differences. An electrician or electrical worker is the individual tradesperson, whereas an electrical contractor is a trained individual or a business that employs the electrician. Without the contractor, the electrician is commonly unable to work for the public. There are many services that can be performed by your electrician under the employment of an electrical contractor in Jonesboro, GA.

Since electricians and contractors are both licensed professionals, you may be wondering why the electrician needs to be employed by a contractor in order to do the work. Electrical contractors have the insurance necessary to safely operate the business in the right manner. Electricians themselves do not usually have this insurance, so it is too risky for them to do the work unless they are employed by someone who does.

There are a number of electrical devices in your home that you may not even think about using an electrician for. For example, a ceiling fan, air conditional and washing machine all run on electricity, so you may call a professional in to help install or repair any one of these things. They are also able to wire lighting and other electrical appliances in your home, which is the part of the job that people most commonly think of when it comes to electricians.

With so many electricians you can call in your home, you may have gotten some out there without even realizing it. After all, that person that fixed your air conditioner may have technically been an electrician. Next time you need an appliance in your home repaired, you just may be calling on an electrical contractor in Jonesboro, GA to be sending an electrician to your home. Visit hammondservices.com for more detail.

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