Edina Laundromat Can Help To Get Your Spots Out

by | May 24, 2013 | Cleaning

Clean clothes while not a basic staple in life, ranks very high on most people’s wish list. This is because most people put high value on their personal hygiene and the way that they look. We all know people who could use a little help in that area, but that is for another discussion. Do you live somewhere that you do not have a washer or dryer? Does the new house or apartment not have a connection or hook-up? Is your washer or dryer on the blink? If so, bring your clothing, towels, and bedding to an Edina Laundromat. Here you will find top of the line commercial washers and dryers that will help to get the job done.

All of your bedding, including your blankets and comforter, need washing on a regular basis to maintain a clean bed. While you may not wash them as often as you do the sheets, they can be much more of a hassle due to their size. Did you know that you can bring them to an Edina Laundromat and load them into a commercial washer and dryer and get them done much faster than you can at home. Trying to load a large comforter or quilt into a residential machine, many times will cause the machine to become off balance. This will cause the machine to rock, bump and make hideous noises. If you do not balance the load, the machine will actually stop running. If this happens too often the machine can be damaged. You will not have these problems with a commercial washer.

Are you short on time? You can drop off your laundry and dry cleaning and have it professionally done within the same day. If you have it in by 11 a.m., it will be ready for you by 5 p.m. You can even go on to work and receive an email notification when your order is ready. What could be easier than that? It will eliminate the excuse that you have not had time to do the laundry; since all you have to do is to drop the laundry off. Let the Edina Laundromat take this chore off of your hands.



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