Ease Of Use Of a GE Stress System

When it comes to a cardiac stress test system, there are two different people that need to be considered. One is the patient and the other is the technician. Both the patient and the technician should find the system user-friendly and easy to operate.

Of course, effectiveness, accuracy and reporting and testing options will also be important to both the medical professional and the patient. The more accurate the system is the easier it will be to complete diagnostics, tests and follow-ups.

The GE stress system is considered one of the top systems on the market today. This is an industry leader and these systems can be found in cardiology and testing labs and facilities across the country.

The Components

The two components of the GE stress system are the treadmill and the actual system. The treadmill is designed to be user-friendly and offers a zero start feature. This means the patient steps on the treadmill while it is not moving, then it slowly increases speed based on the technician’s control settings.

The slowdown will also be gradual with the system and the patient has AHA compliant handrails to the sides and the front for stability. There is an emergency stop feature for safety.

The console is easy to use regardless of the specific model or GE system selected. It comes with a full manual and an easy to use keyboard and function buttons to alternate between tests and displays.

Error Reduction

As with all of the GE products the GE stress system is designed to be user-friendly for staff. It offers a color display and uses gender specific software for accurate testing of male and female patients with the same system. It offers 12SL ECG analysis and a   15-lead ECG analysis.

It also comes with a barcode scanner to quickly and easily identify patients in the system and to reduce the possibilities of human error in data entry. With the option to use ethernet or wireless networking this system allows for immediate transfer of data over the system and to the specific patient files, again minimizing the risk of any type of entry errors.

Upgrading or adding a stress system by GE to a new or existing cardio lab is a great way to increase the number of tests that can be completed. Ready to use and simple in operation, this is a testing system that is a good match for any facility.

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