Eager To Watch Your Favorite Sports Team? Cable TV In Iowa City Offers That And Much More

Consumers spend more time watching cable tv in Iowa City than ever before. Cable offers award-winning programs, documentaries, family movies and more. Cable television first began in 1948 in the United States. Subscription services started in 1949. As of 2006, over half of American homes subscribed to cable tv services.

Big Dog Satellite provides phone, Internet, satellite TV and cable tv in Iowa City as well as insulation and solar energy solutions.

Dish programming offers English packages, Latino packages, international packages as well as sports packages and movie packages.

Dish technology offers complete home HD DVR for every connected TV.

Dish for business includes TV for your office, retail and bar settings.

Internet services are available with options such as basic residential which includes 4 Mbps burstable bandwidth, 1Mbps sustained, professional support and maintenance. Enhanced residential includes 7 Mbps burstable bandwidth, 2 Mbps sustained and the basic business services include 4 Mbps burstable bandwidth, 2 Mbps sustained as well as web and email servers with static IP addresses.

Dish programming options include:

* Smart pack offers a variety of popular programming such as TBN, TV Guide Network, TV Land, USA Network, PBS, Nickelodeon and others.

* America’s Top 120 includes all of the above as well as Syfy, The Learning Channel, Travel Channel and ESPN as well as a variety of music channels.

* America’s Top 120 Plus includes all of the above plus Animal Planet, BabyFirst TV, C-Span and others.

* America’s Top 200 offers all of the above as well as Disney Channel East and West, Daystar and Discovery Channel.

* America’s Top 250 offers The Golf, Hallmark Channel and Health and Human Services Channel.

* America’s Everything Pack includes all of the above plus HBO, Military Channel, MLB Network, Showtime, Starz and much more.

* Sports packages include ESPN Gameplan, Outdoor Package, Multi-Sports Package and others.

* Movie packages offer HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz. You can save with bundle services.

Special offers are available such as a trial of Blockbuster with unlimited movies and TV shows and HD free for life. Big Dog Satellite services and cable tv in Iowa City offer services across the nation and in every state. You can order the best package for your family securely on-line.

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