Don’t Agree To A Settlement Without The Help Of A Personal Injury Attorney In Rochester MN

Have you been injured? Has the insurance company been calling you about your injuries and medical treatment? Are they trying to force you to settle your case while you’re still under medical treatment? Insurance companies are not your friend after an accident. They have a set of guidelines they follow in an attempt to obtain as much information as possible about you to offer a quick settlement before any further medical bills can be incurred. You should never settle with an insurance without first speaking to a Personal Injury Attorney in Rochester MN. In fact, you should contact an attorney an attorney as soon as you’re able to after an accident.

Seeking legal advice does not cost an injured victim any money. They get a free consultation and the attorney will not charge a fee unless there’s a successful conclusion to the personal injury case. A Personal Injury Attorney in Rochester MN has experience with:

   *   Brain/Spinal Injuries

   *   Wrongful Death

   *   Dog Bites

   *   Burns

   *   Auto, Boat, ATV or Cycle Accidents

   *   Defective Products

   *   Medical Malpractice

   *   And much more.

There is a time limit for filing a claim against a negligent part of two years from the date of the accident. If a settlement isn’t signed and acknowledged by the last day of the two-year time limit, a claim cannot be filed the next day. It’s important that a victim gives an attorney plenty of time to file a lawsuit before time runs out. If someone is partially at fault for their injuries, it can reduce how much compensation they receive. If a victim’s fault is more than 50%, they will be entitled to no compensation for their injuries. This is why it’s very important to have an attorney who can fight the fair compensation a victim deserves. The insurance company will attempt to claim a victim is at fault, so they do not have to make payment on a claim.

Injuries from an accident can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering and difficulty enjoying simple tasks you do throughout a day. A wrongful death of a loved one could result in a very unstable financial future if they supported the family. Please Browse the Site to find out more how an attorney can help you with your personal injury claim.

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