Dog Training in Omaha NE Offered by Cottonwood Pet Resort

Obedience training is necessary and appropriate for all dogs, young and old. Training ensures that the dog will become well-behaved and potty trained. It also fills the dog’s need for a pack leader. Using a professional trainer, like those at Cottonwood Pet Resort, is recommended. In addition, dog training can begin at home with a few simple commands. Three commands that every dog should know are sit, stay, and no. For each command, it is important to practice with short, frequent training sessions so as not to overwork the dog and to allow his brain to reset.

Sit: The Easiest Command

Every dog should be taught to sit on command. Having your dog sit when meeting people, while you are working, or when in a dangerous situation is extremely helpful. To teach sit, hold a small treat above the dog’s nose. Then, slowly lift the treat while giving the sit command. The dog will likely sit as he lifts his head for the treat, but if not, gently guide him down the first few times.

Stay: An Exercise in Self-Control

Once the sit command is mastered, the dog can be taught to stay. The stay command is useful when it is necessary for a dog to stay put for periods of time. To teach stay, first have the dog sit with a leash attached. With the leash in one hand, hold the other hand up to his face, palm facing out, and give the stay command. Then, take a few steps back. Wait a few seconds, and return to him. With a foot on the leash, release the dog, and give him praise and a treat.

No: The Instant Behavior Corrector

The no command is necessary to stop unwanted behaviors and establish rules and boundaries. To teach no, begin by holding a treat out about 6 inches from the dog’s nose. When the dog tries to take it, simply close your hand and give the no command in an even, firm tone. The dog may continue to try to get at the treat, but he will eventually stop.

Dog Training in Omaha NE is offered by Cottonwood Pet Resort. Private training at the resort or the owner’s residence is available. The owner is present and active in these training sessions. Another option is training in conjunction with boarding. These sessions take place at the resort without the owner present. Visit for more information.

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