Do You Need the Help of a DWI Attorney in Twin Falls, ID?

Driving under the influence in the state of Idaho can lead to severe repercussions, even with a first-time offense. It is imperative for defendants to understand the laws and the penalties they face for breaking those laws. Many individuals end up needing to hire a DWI attorney in Twin Falls, ID to help them pursue their claim.

Understanding the DWI Laws in the State of Idaho

Most people do not set out to blatantly break the law, but alcohol and drugs can both hinder a person from being able to make sound decisions. Once a person has been arrested for DWI, they can face penalties that are costly and difficult to deal with. Many defendants find it helpful to hire a DWI attorney in Twin Falls, ID. Hiring an attorney protects a defendant’s rights as they try to defend the charges that have been brought upon them.

When a person is facing the first conviction of a DWI, this is considered a misdemeanor and the jail sentence could be of up to six months. Most people are shocked to learn there is such a stiff penalty for a first-time offense. Idaho, like many states in the Union, is determined to send a strong message to would-be offenders so lives can be saved.

A second offense of DWI means a person could end up serving an entire year in prison and be made to pay a fine of up to $2000. While it is not always possible, attorneys are sometimes able to get the charges or penalties reduced. This is the most common reason individuals hire an attorney to help them.

A third offense of DWI often carries the maximum prison sentence, which is ten years. The offender could also be required to pay fines of up to $5000. Because a DWI conviction can have lasting ramifications for a person, it is wise that defendants seek help from an attorney.

Get Help Today

If you are facing DWI charges, it is imperative that you seek help from an attorney right away. Call the office today to get a firm overview. They will be happy to discuss your case and help you defend your charges.

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