Do These 4 Steps Before You Call in Professional Refrigerator Repair in Worcester, MA

Refrigerator troubleshooting is not a defined science. However, there is plenty you can do to attempt and fix your freezer or refrigerator issues. The following handy troubleshooting tips will help you get out of a pinch without even bringing in professional refrigerator repair in Worcester, MA.

Check You Have Power First

Power is the answer to many refrigerator problems. Check and ensure that your refrigerator is plugged in securely and that your fuse and circuit are functional. If your freezer or fridge is powered but is still acting up, ensure that you turn it off at the circuit breaker or unplug it before you carry out further troubleshooting to reduce the risk of electrocution.

Inspect the Cords for Signs of Wear

Sometimes your unit’s cords are damaged even in routine use. If the cord is pinched under the unit, it will short out eventually, or an attached extension cord can go bad. Remove the extension cord from the circuitry and examine the fridge cord for damage signs. If your cord is cut or pinched, you will have to replace it.


When the Light Works, But Unit is not Running

If your light comes on, but your unit does not run, the problem could be with your adjustable temperature-setting knob. The knobs are mainly found at the top of the refrigerator or on the side. If temperature is set too low, turn it up to get your fridge colder.

Another possible problem is probably with your compressor, which does not kick on as expected. It is crucial that you have at least 3 inches of space between the wall and your refrigerator to prevent overheating and provide the necessary airflow. Unplug your unit for a few hours, and then plug it back in again. When it turns on, the compressor is overheating. Clean the condenser since it could be the cause of overheating.

When Your Unit is Not Cold Enough

The first possible culprit is the temperature selector. If set low, turn the selector’s settings up and check if your fridge gets cooler. Also, confirm that there is enough airflow around your appliance, and the vents are all clear. If the problem persists, you might need to clean the condenser coils.

If none of the steps above work, get in touch with the professionals in refrigerator repair in Worcester, MA at JM Appliance Service.

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