Discover the Cause of Dark Circles under the Eyes

No one likes the look of dark circles under the eyes. This is why many women wear makeup in this area to get rid of this unsightly problem. However, why should you cover it up with makeup when you can get rid of the dark circles once and for all? Getting rid of these circles often requires you to first learn the cause of dark circles under the eyes so you can learn how to effectively eliminate them.


Some people are more genetically predisposed to certain conditions, including the presence of dark circles under the eyes. If your parents or grandparents suffered from this issue, chances are you will too. While many genetic conditions can’t be eliminated and you may feel you must simply learn to deal with it and cover it up with makeup, you may be able to use certain creams or peels to eliminate or at least reduce the visibility of these dark circles.


One cause of dark circles under the eyes that many people don’t realize is the presence of allergies or even a cold. When more fluid builds up in the sinuses, which run directly below the eyes, you will develop bags and often dark circles. The key to getting rid of them is to eliminate the additional fluid under your eyes. This can sometimes be done with medications but may also require some additional help.


For some women, the dark circles under the eyes are caused by a change in the hormones. As the body goes through natural hormone changes at various times of the month, it can cause more blood flow to certain areas, including the area under the eyes. As the blood pools in this area, you will experience dark circles. The reason this is so noticeable is because the skin is thin and easily shows the additional blood underneath.

When you are looking for a way to get rid of your dark circles, it is important to know what can be the cause of dark circles under the eyes. Once you are able to identify the causes, you will be able to identify when these circles may appear and will be able to effectively eliminate them. With the help of creams and other beauty products and procedures, you can get rid of this look without having to turn to makeup to simply cover them up. You can eliminate them instead so you can achieve a look of natural beauty.

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