Discover More About Dental implants in Long Island

No matter what caused a person to lose some or all of their natural teeth, it can leave them feeling embarrassed about their appearance. When someone is missing teeth, they avoid social situations because they feel uncomfortable eating and talking around others. Unfortunately, missing teeth can have far-reaching effects on a person’s social and professional life. Fortunately, the dentist can offer patients a solution for their problems through dental implants in Long Island.

Dental implants are made to become a permanent part of a person’s smile. Once they are in place, they mimic the same look, feel and function of normal human teeth. Though it takes some time for this procedure to be fully carried out, these implants give a person a new lease on life that allows them to feel fully confident in their appearance.

For a patient to be considered for dental implants, they will first need to be fully examined. A health history will need to be taken and the dentist will need to check the jawbone and gum tissue to ensure these are healthy. While dental implant procedures are now safer than ever, it is imperative a dentist knows about a patient’s health and any medications they are taking that might have an effect on the success of the procedures.

Dental implants are put in through two different processes. The first part of the process allows the dentist to place the foundation of the implant tooth. The foundation is a screw-like device that is made of titanium. It is screwed down in the jawbone so the bone tissue can begin to grow around it. The bone formation process can take between three and six months to be complete.

After the first procedure is complete, the implant tooth can be put in place and a person’s smile can be fully complete. Those who want to learn more about Dental implants in Long Island can find further information by visiting . They offer superior dental treatments to keep a person’s smile healthy and beautiful. Through their services, their patients have something to smile about! Contact them today to schedule your appointment to get started.

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