Different Types Of Ink Cartridges

The printer ink cartridge used in your printer, whether it is one designed for use in a busy office or one used in the home, plays a big part in the final outcome; this is true with paper as well. It stands to reason that if the paper used is inferior, the print quality will be inferior as well; the same holds true for ink cartridges. However, just because an ink cartridges refill is bought at a discount does not mean it falls into this category. Discount ink can be purchased in a few different ways, each one has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

  • Ink refill: This is by far the least expensive option; it is also the option that invariably produces the lowest quality output. A great deal has to do with the printer and the model that you have, some of the cartridges are very difficult to refill and the results are not only messy but the quality is at best, marginal.
  • Recycled cartridges: These are cartridges which have been acquired by companies that perform ink cartridges refill professionally. The cartridges are cleaned, refilled with the proper ink and then subject to testing, the result is a cartridge every bit as good as the OEM ink cartridge that came with the printer when it was first purchased.This costs more than buying a bottle of ink and refilling the cartridge yourself but it is worth every penny of the price difference. The companies that do this work are set up to deal with the process properly, the equipment they have is designed expressly for cleaning and refilling ink cartridges. Many dealers; brick and mortar as well as online, guarantee their products and offer prepaid shipment on orders of a certain value.
  • Generic ink cartridges: Printer companies focus their attention on the manufacture of the printer as an electro-mechanical device, peripherals such as ink cartridges are bought from companies that specialize in manufacturing them. Often, but not in all cases, the ink supplier will also sell the same cartridges; but as a generic product that does not include the printer manufacturers details.

Of the three options; DIY, ink cartridges refill by professionals and generic, the generic product is the most expensive. Although they are the most expensive of the three, they are certainly less expensive than an OEM cartridge and they function exactly the same because they are same.

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