Different Approaches to Pest Control

Currently, there are numerous methods of pest control in the market. However, organic pest elimination methods are the most preferred. This is mainly because they are friendly to the environment, are easy to formulate and use, and are cheaper to acquire as compared to the commercially produced pest control methods. There are many organic methods of controlling pests that may be used, ranging from cultural control methods to organic pest elimination methods. The following are some of the most effective methods of controlling pests in use today.

Cultural Organic Pest Control

This method mainly requires that one plants crops at times that they are least susceptible to pest infestation. For instance, sweet corn should be planted early in the season to avoid attack by earworms. While using this method, one should have a clear understanding of what pests prefer what crops and at what times those pests attack. An example is the caterpillars. They basically do not affect early crops such as lettuce and peas. However, caterpillars devour later crops like beans leading to huge losses. In some regions, this method may be limited by climatic conditions. When this is the case, other methods of controlling pests may be used.

Biological Organic Pest Control

This is the method that is commonly used in greenhouses and gardens. The method makes use of certain beneficial insects to control pests. A good example is the Ladybugs that are used to get rid of aphids. Tiny Delphastus beetle may also be used to eliminate thr white fly. When planning to use this method, one should consult with gardening experts to ascertain which species works the best for different pests. While using this method, one may as well choose to grow certain flowers or plant vegetables that certain pests do not prefer close to the main crop.

Mechanical Control

This pest control method involves simple practices such as turning of the soil. This operation exposes soil borne pests to their predators such as the birds. The method may also require the gardener to physically remove the pests from the crops. The method is the most labor intensive of them all and thus the least preferred.

Chemical Pest Control

Chemical control of pests is very effective and uses chemicals to get rid of pests. However, the method can lead to environmental pollution and contamination. There are different commercially produced pesticides in the market targeting different pests. There are also the organic pesticides, for instance, liquid soap is sprayed on leaves to control white flies and Aphids.

Controlling pests is essential for the optimal produce to be realized. All the above mentioned methods are effective in pest control. Therefore, one may choose any of the methods to control pests based on different considerations including, the cost, effectiveness, and the convenience.

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