Designing Your Custom Swimming Pools and Hardscapes In Indianapolis IN

by | Jul 26, 2013 | Swimming Pool

Swimming has been a hobby and recreational activity for thousands of years, although the pool itself never became truly popular until the eighteen hundreds in Britain. That is not to say that pools were not around. The oldest recorded, man made pool, the “Great Bath” which is located in what is now Pakistan was dug in the third millennium BC. Later pools were created by the Greeks and Romans, although these were more often used as public baths, some were created for athletic training and nautical games. As swimming became a more popular method for keeping cool during hot summer days, public swimming pools became available. These were usually concrete or brick affairs designed for general play although some were used for swimming sports as well. Pools come in several sizes from the small private back yard version to the grand ‘Olympic’ sized swimming pool.

Pools can be built in-ground or above ground and which you have can depend on several factors. Some soils don’t support in-ground pools very well and certain areas my require too much excavation to properly level the area. In these cases, the above ground pools are the best choice but for long term durability, the in-ground pool is usually the better option. A quality Custom Swimming Pools Indianapolis IN company can design your pool and surrounding patio area to suit your property and fit your budget.

The typical swimming pool is treated with chlorine to keep the water free of algae and the equipment free of mold and mildew, but there is an alternative. Salt water pools are an increasingly popular method of pool treatment which avoids some of the side effects of chlorine. Of course, salt water pools are not strictly salt water like seawater, but in fact use a chlorine generator. The chlorine generator requires a slight salt content in the water, typically between twenty five hundred and six thousand parts per million.

No Custom Swimming Pools Indianapolis IN are complete without a decent hardscape surrounding them. These are typically a simple concrete walkway surrounding the pool but they can be anything the homeowner wants which will fit in the available space. An up and coming favorite for many pool owners is the outdoor grill or oven so they can serve a meal to friends and family.

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