Designing A Minimalist Bedroom

If you’re someone who doesn’t like a lot of clutter in the bedroom, choose a minimalist style of decorating. Start by looking for a neutral toned discount carpet in Charlotte and then proceed from there. The next thing you need to do is eliminate all of the clutter in the bedroom to create a simplistic design for the bedroom. Replace your bulky furniture with small, compact furniture to create larger space in your minimalist bedroom. Another thing you want to do is use soft and light colors such as tan, beige, gray, and light pastel colors.

Go Country Minimalist

The country style can also be minimalist and here is how it can be done. To create a cottage style bedroom, you want to use lightweight curtains that allow natural light to enter and you should have only the furniture that you will use a lot in the bedroom such as the bed and a medium sized white or pastel pink dresser. Install a round shaped recessed light fixture or a white pendant light in the bedroom. Have a small vase on your nightstand filled with a bunch of white or blue flowers.

Consider Asian Themed Bedroom

Asian home design tends to be minimalistic and you can also add this to your bedroom design. Paint your walls red or green and install a platform wooden bed with a minimal amount of bedding on it. Build a bookcase next to your bed for storage to reduce clutter. Mount your TV on the wall and turn your closet into a space for your clothes and into a home office at the same time. You can do this by storing your clothes and shoes in a vertical way so that you’ll have space for the home office. Place a bamboo rug and plant in the bedroom, too. Put a small piece of Asian themed artwork right above the bed.

Make The Bed The Focal Point

Another characteristic of minimalist bedroom design is the focus of the bed. Put some bold or neutral toned pillows on the bed but only two to three to avoid a cluttered look. Buy a wooden headboard and put a dark colored stain on it to provide a rustic look to the bed. On the headboard you can put small rhinestones or tiny decorative decals for a beautiful design.

Your bedroom should be a relaxing oasis and minimalist design is the best way to achieve this atmosphere. Don’t use bulky furniture and accessories in the bedroom and with the exception of your television, don’t install too many electronic devices in your minimalist bedroom because you should use the bedroom for romance and rest.

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