Dentist Providing Dentures In Honolulu Will Keep You Smiling

 Have you been having problems with your teeth for years? Have you also been avoiding going to the dentist because of those problems? If you answered yes to both of these questions, it may be time to see a Dentist providing dentures in Honolulu. No one likes to think they need to use dentures, but if your teeth have gotten so bad they all need to be removed to give you the best oral health, then a set of dentures can give you back your smile and dental health.

Dentist providing Dentures in Honolulu will first give you a complete oral examination, including X-rays, to make sure that your teeth can’t be saved. They also want to make sure that you don’t have a gum disease. If you do have a gum disease, they will give you antibiotics to clear it up before they prepare you for your dentures.

When you are free of any gum diseases, the dentist will put you to sleep and remove all of your rotting teeth. When that part is completed, they will send you home with pain medication to use until the swelling in your gums goes away. In a few days, you will come back in and get a mold made of your gums. From this mold the dentures will be made. You will have the chance to select the color of the teeth that will be in your dentures. The dentist will then send all of the details of how your dentures are to be made to the denture making company.

In a few days, the dentures with be sent to the dentist and you will come in for a fitting. If they fit exactly right, you will wear them home that same day. The Dentist providing dentures in Honolulu can make any minor adjustments that need to be made on your dentures. If more than minor adjustments are needed, they will send them back to the maker to get them done right.

It is the goal of any Dentist providing Dentures in Honolulu to make sure that you get the best set of dentures possible. They want them to last you for many years so that you are a very satisfied customer.

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