Dental Crowns in Chicago, IL Are Attractive Ways to Save Damaged Teeth

A toothache can come on strong at any time. One minute a person is getting ready for work and the next minute they are clutching their jaw in pain. If their dentist is Dr. Legator, they can call him for an emergency appointment on the same day. Painful toothaches are often caused by an infection that has spread to the root area of the teeth. This region has many nerve endings and that causes a lot of pain. The dentist will take an x-ray to see if the root has cracked. If it has, then the tooth will need to be extracted.

If the root is still intact, then Saul Legator DDS can perform a root canal to save the tooth and use dental crowns to stabilize it. Patients sometimes fear the pain of a root canal, but they shouldn’t. Powerful numbing agents will keep them from feeling any pain. In fact, once the anesthetic takes effect, they might be painfree for the first time all day. The dentist then takes flexible and very thin needles and cleans the infection out of the root. After the root is cleaned, the dentist packs it with a medicated temporary filling. In order to get to the root area, the dentist had to drill through a major portion of the upper tooth. A temporary dental crown will be placed over it, while the root area heals.

The patient returns in about 10 days and the dentist checks to see if it is free of infection. If it is, he then packs the root with a permanent filling. The dentist uses Dental Crowns in Chicago IL to stabilize a tooth that is too damaged to be fixed in other way. The top of the tooth is ground down into a post that will anchor the crown. He can match the surrounding teeth and no one will know that it’s a porcelain crown. Some patients prefer to have metal dental crowns. Gold crowns on front teeth are very popular. Whatever style crown the patient chooses, they will get many years of use from their tooth root and dental crown. For more information, Contact Dr. Legator Dentistry

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