Dental Clinic in Lumberton, TX Offers Cosmetic Veneers

If your teeth are crooked, badly shaped, or stained, then you may benefit from a veneer placement. Veneers are used in cosmetic dentistry and are very thin pieces of plastic or porcelain. They are cemented onto the surface of the front teeth to alter the color and/or shape.

When Veneers Are Recommended

Veneers are normally recommended for teeth that have uneven surfaces or are chipped, abnormally shaped, or unevenly spaced. The cosmetic restorations are preferred by dental patients as they last longer than bonding and are highly resistant to the stains caused by tea, coffee, or cigarette smoking.

A dental clinic in Lumberton, TX usually sends a model of a patient’s teeth to a dental lab in order to have the restorations made. Veneers are considered permanent and irreversible restorations as a small amount of enamel must be removed in order to place the shell. Veneers made of porcelain are used to mask teeth stained by tetracycline or to improve teeth that have become discolored over time. A Lumberton dental clinic also features veneers for patients whose teeth are worn or out of alignment.

What Happens During the Preparation Phase

If you set an appointment at a dental clinic to have veneers placed, it normally takes three visits. The steps include making a diagnosis, planning a treatment approach, preparing the teeth, and placing the restorations. During the preparation appointment, patients must go through the process for about two hours. During this visit, the teeth are lightly buffed. Generally, around a half-millimeter of enamel is removed. This part of the process may require anesthetic. During this visit a mold is taken as well and sent to the lab for fabrication.

When the veneers are placed at the dental clinic, the process takes about two hours. The shells are first placed on the surface of the teeth with glycerin or water to assess the fit and review the shade or color. While the teeth are resting on the surface, they can be adjusted with differing shades of cement so they will match the color of the surrounding teeth. When a veneer is applied, the tooth is cleansed with certain chemicals for bonding. A laser is used to harden the cement.

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