Cut Costs With Internet Faxing Services

While a fax machine may have been cutting edge technology a decade ago, it is now an extra piece of equipment in the office that is used only when absolutely necessary. However, because some people do fax instead of use electronic data transmission, it is still a basic requirement for most offices, agencies and businesses. Getting rid of that fax machine and updating to internet faxing services is one way to clear up the clutter and handle documents more effectively.

Receiving and Sending Using Internet Faxing Services

Anyone that can send an email can send and receive faxes using internet faxing services. These systems can be set up with any email client so you don’t have to change the email system you are comfortable with and routinely used. Faxes will be delivered to your designated email address and will available on any device with internet access and the software installed to display the program. Since most faxes will be documents, this is rarely if ever a concern.

Branding Your Faxes

To make your faxes really stand out top internet faxing services provide the option to actually brand your faxes with your company logo and information. This is all done on the system so you don’t have to worry about the additional cost of having letterhead and faxes specially printed. Instead, each document that is sent is branded, to your specifications, but they program. Your customers will know that the fax is from you, clearly assisting in brand development.

Coordination of Systems

If you want to retain and use your traditional hardware, the fax machine, it can also be lined into the structure of internet faxing services. This will allow a hard copy to be printed from the fax of all incoming faxes while an electronically copy is available to you in your email box. You can control the cost of printing by opting in or out of the printing option.

Using internet faxing services is a great way to drop the cost of a dedicated phone line for your fax, decrease the need for additional paper and printing, and to also allow you to access faxes from any internet connected device. This is a cost and time saving technology that you will certainly want to upgrade to within your company.

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