Custom Fences Add Security, Privacy, and Value

Custom fences are a good value for any property. A quality fence adds to a home’s resale value by increasing curb appeal. A fence may also provide additional security or privacy for a homeowner to enjoy their outdoor spaces. A variety of fencing materials are available to meet property owners needs including vinyl, wood, and wrought iron.

Of all the fencing materials, vinyl is regarded as the most maintenance-free. A vinyl fence will not rot or discolor and is immune to pest damage. It is fully recyclable and non-toxic. In comparison to wood, vinyl fencing is stronger and more flexible. Although more costly than some wood options, vinyl is built to last and is gaining in popularity because of its reputation for durability.

Wood is a popular fencing material due to the variety of options available and visual appeal to suit any taste in style. A wood fence can add complete or partial privacy, depending on the height of the fence and spacing of the wood pieces. The quality of wood used in fences varies and impacts the price and durability of the final product. Prefab pieces may be cheaper initially but are more susceptible to weathering and pest damage. A custom-built wood fence using optimum materials, which will be thicker and more durable, can last twice as long as a manufactured wood fence.

Wrought iron fences add a regal appearance to any home. They are durable and will last for many years. A variety of styles is available to compliment any property type. A wrought iron fence will not provide privacy, but it will also not block a picturesque view. Wrought iron fences are unaffected by pests. They are stronger than other fence materials, making wrought iron a good choice to add security to a home.

A fence expert can help determine which fence material will best meet any fencing needs and goals. Custom fences can provide security and privacy for any home and a safe place for pets and children to play. Whatever your fencing needs, Jenks Fence can provide a custom fence solution to provide the security or privacy you desire. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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