Creepy, Crawly Bed Bugs in Ellicott City, Maryland

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Pest Control

Getting rid of Bed Bugs Ellicott City Maryland involves more than just coming into a house and spraying. It takes knowledge of the insects themselves, like what they eat, where they live, and how they behave. Good extermination companies have trained in understanding the kinds of pests they’re spraying for. You can’t just spray without understanding the insect, or else you won’t be taking the right steps to help keep them away in the future. The exterminator technicians have also been trained in understanding the chemicals they’re using and the proper application of those chemicals, to ensure your safety and environmental safety.

One of the types of insects that makes anyone cringe is the common bed bug, and they are much more common now in the US than they have been for the last 50 years. Their growing numbers in just about all states may be due to how much we travel now, and we pick up the little bugs in hotels and on airplanes where our luggage is packed in the cargo hold with everyone else’s luggage. Bed bugs Ellicott City Maryland may also hitch a ride to your home if you buy used bedding or clothing, so anything you bring home should be washed in the hottest water possible right away. The number of bed bugs may also be due to the higher restrictions and regulations now on the use of insecticides. Fifty years ago, the insectides were stronger, and they eradicated the bed bug, but the movement to make insecticides less harmful to the environment also helped make the bed bug more resistant.

The scientific name for bed bug is cimex lectularius. They are a dark brownish-red, but they get darker in color after they eat (and they eat our blood). They are anywhere from 4mm to 9.5mm long, and their bodies are wide and flat. They do have wings, although they’re hard to see, and they have six legs with two antennae in front. Bed bugs can live up to 15 months without eating, and a female can lay as many as 200 eggs during her lifetime. Although it hasn’t been proven that bed bugs cause disease, they are suspected of transmitting diseases like brucellosis in pets and leprosy in humans.




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