Creative ideas for Creating Extraordinary Customer Relationships

The Sales Coaching InstituteIn today’s highly competitive market you have to be constantly looking for ways to forge stronger and more loyal customer relationships. You have to think beyond the standard customer relationship and think of ways you can make lasting impressions. You have to think like Macy’s in a Miracle on 34th Street even if it means sending a client to the competition because they have something you don’t.

Listen Intently
When you are dealing with your customers listen very carefully to what they are saying. You may often miss out on some truly exceptional opportunities to go above and beyond your general duties. You may hear them mention something they are working on that offers you an in for another division of your company. You may get wind of a personal situation such as a birthday or birth of a child that allows you to send a gift to help them celebrate. You may even hear them complain about a current supplier who is giving them issues and take note of what that guy is doing wrong and make sure you avoid making the same mistakes.

Follow Up Creatively
When you follow up try to think of less invasive and more creative ways to re-establish contact. Maybe you drop off the same specialty coffee they ordered at your first meeting a week later at the front desk with a business card and more information. Maybe they mention a band is in town they would love to see so send them a pair of tickets, or a game they’d love to attend, get them a couple of seats. It’s almost like you have to think romantically but not in a scary stalker kind of way. There is always something you can do better than the other guys to create a more meaningful relationship.

Provide a Service
Yes, you provide a certain service, but assist them by providing the names of other types of services they might require. Most new businesses are always looking for more than what you can provide. They may need everything from paper supplies to a good catering company. Find out what else they need and see if you can help them find it. Better yet, see if you can create a product or service to expand your own business.  Whatever you do they will be grateful and think of you when the time is right.

The Sales Coaching Institute offers highly effective sales training to help salespeople become more productive in their communication with their customers.

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