Creating A Border With Evergreens And Additional Services Associated With Tree Planting Norwich CT

If a new home was recently purchased and a border isn’t surrounding a piece of property, a homeowner may not be happy with the lack of privacy they receive while outdoors. Planting trees along the front of a piece of property will make it possible for time to be spent outdoors without feeling self-conscious about people gazing as they pass by an individual’s new home. The following tree planting Brandon FL tips describe how to plant evergreen trees and surround the base of them with mulch or decorative stones.


• rake

• weed pulling tool

• measuring tape

• ground marking paint

• large spade

• evergreen trees

• water hose

• burlap

• twine

• scissors

• soil

• mulch

• stones

Clearing And Marking Land

After choosing the area where trees will be planted, property should be raked. If weeds are growing nearby, a weed pulling tool can be used to remove them from the ground. After measuring the length and width of the property that was cleared, an individual can decide how many evergreen trees to purchase and how large they would like each one to be. Ground marking paint can be used to mark the spots where trees will be planted. Marks should have an even amount of space between them so that trees provide the property with a uniform border.

Planting Trees And Adding Mulch Or Stones

After purchasing evergreen trees, each tree’s roots will need to remain moist while holes are being dug. After adding water to roots with a hose, pieces of burlap can be wrapped around roots and material can be secured with twine. A large spade should be used to dig holes across marked property. Before planting trees, burlap pieces need to be removed from the bottom of each one.

One hand needs to grasp the trunk of a tree to prevent a tree from tipping over while shovelfuls of dirt are added to a hole. After all of the trees are planted, dirt should be flattened around the base of each evergreen. A layer of mulch or decorative stones can be added around trunks to enhance the color of the trees and to prevent weeds from growing on property.

Mid-Florida Tree Service, Inc or a similar tree planting Brandon FL business should be contacted if a home or business owner needs help with planting trees or if trees that are currently growing on land need to be pruned or removed.

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