Crack Sealing for Your Tennis Court in Providence, RI

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Landscaping

Whether you’re a homeowner fortunate enough to have a tennis court on your own property or whether you manage an apartment building or a recreational facility that offers tennis courts, there are things regarding the maintenance of tennis courts that you will have to pay attention to. Fortunately, especially for municipal tennis courts are going to be made of durable materials that won’t require constant attention.

For most municipal courts, especially those at apartment buildings or public parks, the tennis courts have a basis of concrete. In some cases, that’s all the tennis courts are made out of. In other cases, especially with standard hard courts, the foundation of the tennis court is concrete and for hard court surfaces, the concrete is layered with several layers of synthetic acrylics.

Regardless of how professional the courts are, multiple layers of acrylics or not, over time, your outdoor tennis court is going to be damaged simply due to the weather conditions at has to endure. In these cases you need professional Crack Sealing in Providence, RI. More pointedly, you’ll need to look for services that specializes in Tennis Court Repair.

You can try to do this yourself and in some cases, you can handle the small cracks that may appear in the acrylic surfaces. With acrylic crack sealant that is tented to the color of your hard court, you can simply trowel it on to fill in the crack, smooth out the surface, and wait for it to dry.

However, if the cracks are more significant and if the cracks reach the concrete foundation, your DIY Crack Sealing in Providence, RI may not suffice. In this case, you will need to have a professional company come in, survey the damage, see if the foundation of the tennis court can be repaired without having to remove the entire surface and replace it with a new one.

Few people are going to want to play on tennis court that have multiple cracks. Fortunately, tennis courts can be well maintained for many years. However, if you do notice any cracks in your tennis courts, you need to assess the situation and see if you can handle the problem yourself or if the problem needs the help of professional services that provide Crack Sealing in Providence, RI.

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