Cosmetic Dentists Haymarket Transform Smiles with Professional Tooth Whitening

A bright, white smile is something that most people desire. However, everyday foods and drinks can cause your smile to darken overtime. The good news is that Cosmetic Dentists Haymarket can help you bring back the sparkle to your teeth. A white smile can make you look years younger, and a simple trip to your dentist is all that it takes to get started.

If you are ready to brighten your discolored teeth, it’s best to have it professionally done in a dental clinic. Cosmetic dentists in Haymarket have the tools necessary to whiten your teeth several shades. Even though there are drugstore kits, they do not work as well as a professional whitening. During your appointment, your dentist will discuss why your teeth have yellowed or darkened. While it is part of the aging process, it is often accelerated by the things we put in our mouth. Smoking, drinking coffee, or even sipping on red wine can stain your teeth over time. While brushing twice a day does help to remove some surface stains, only a dentist can remove deeper stains. Teeth are very porous and absorb the color of anything they come in contact with. However, there is no reason to live with a discolored smile.

Your dentist will apply a whitening gel onto your teeth. This compound is very strong and will immediately start erasing dark spots from your teeth. Cosmetic Dentists Haymarket may even use special blue light to speed up the process. While most patients only need a single session, some dentists may suggest multiple treatments for the best results. After your whitening is complete, the dentist will give you a tray and some additional whitening gel. This is to help you maintain the results once you are back home. Some tooth sensitivity is normal, but it will subside after a few days. Follow your aftercare instructions exactly to keep your teeth white once you leave the dentist’s office.

The staff at Gainesville Dental Associates wants you to show off your bright smile. Professional tooth whitening is one of the most affordable ways to give your smile an instant makeover. Imagine having teeth that are up to 10 shades whiter in only an hour.

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