Corporate Event Planning Companies – Which One is Right for You?

Networking, participation in trade shows and holding general corporate events are essential for boosting company business, schmoozing potential and existing clients and even keeping employees happy. Planning these events can be a full-time job itself, so it makes sense to engage one of the corporate event planning companies available to do the work on your behalf. However, what qualities are needed to ensure that the company you choose will do the best job possible?

Evaluate the Situation

The type of event you plan to hold will often make a difference in comparing corporate event planning companies. Do you hire one company to plan the more low key events such as conference and trade shows and a different company to handle the grander affairs? It makes sense to choose one company that can handle it all. A turnkey operation that not only handles the event planning but also the onsite coordination is an important factor.

Experienced with Proven Results

There are many corporate event planning companies to be found on the internet. However, the ones that have experience in the industry with proven results are fewer to be found. Choose a few candidates that have a comprehensive website with all of their products and services listed. Look for testimonials and ask for referrals to their satisfied clients. Do these companies offer galleries of photos so you can see their past planned events? Who are their past clients? A professional event planning company will have no problem providing this information to you.

Educated about Industry Trends

Technology plays a huge role in industry trends. Therefore, the candidate you choose from the corporate event planning companies you review should be well aware of them and even anticipate upcoming trends. Do they have access to the latest technology? Vendor lists play a part in keeping up with trends, so does the candidate you are considering have an exhaustive compilation? Do they have the connections necessary to create a significant event with the latest technology?

Sometimes, contacting references and having a personal meeting with the corporate event planning companies in contention for your business is important. Several entities could handle your event needs so it may simply all boil down to past history and whether their vision meshes with your company’s overall philosophy and style of management. Knowing the event planning company will respect your overall business brand and identity is important.


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