Converting Your Home Garage Into Something Else

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Home Improvement

Do you have an existing garage that you don’t use for parking your vehicles or storing belongings? Do you want to convert your existing garage into something else, or even reface your garage to give it a new look? Garage builders are a good source to contact about renovating your current garage and helping you convert it into something else. There are a number of options for garage renovations, and a contractor can work with you on different design ideas to help you choose the best renovation.

Making a Larger Space

Maybe you want to enlarge your garage so that you have an area dedicated to woodworking or mechanics. A contractor can look at your existing space and determine the best course of action for enlarging your garage. If your garage is attached to your home, there will be restrictions on how much bigger you can make the garage or which directions you can add extensions. You may find it easier for garage builders to build a detached garage if you desire more space.

Converting a Garage Into a Living Space

Maybe you want to convert your garage into a den or family living area. While you could work with a regular home contractor to put up walls, lay carpeting, and paint, consulting with a garage contractor is best so that you know how to handle the mechanisms of the garage door. Some people choose to leave the garage door up and put a wall a foot or so from the door to make it easy to turn the room back into a garage. You will want to work with a garage builder who can explain to you the best way to convert your garage into a living space without losing the integrity of the garage. This means that you can easily convert the room back into a garage should you want to reclaim the space for your vehicles.

Changing the Use, Keeping the Garage

The simplest way to convert your garage is to just change the way you use it. This way you don’t have to worry about putting up walls or deactivating the automatic door. Do you want a gym? Fill your garage with gym equipment. Do you want nothing but storage? Fill your garage with boxes and bins and don’t use it as an entry point to your home. Garages are so versatile that homeowners should use the space in a way that fits their needs best. Garage builders can always help you turn the room back into a garage or build a new detached building in the future. For more information about working with garage builders visit or you can visit Google+ Page.

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