Convenient Recycling in Fall River MA

Recycling Fall River MA is convenient, due to a variety of container sizes. You will be provided with one that will suit you needs. 18 gallon curbside bins are provided for residential recycling, and larger ones are provided for commercial, construction, and industrial uses. 64 and 95 gallon totes with wheels are available, and a 42 cubic yard roll-off recycling compactor is available for large construction contracts and industrial needs. If your business is a larger one, you may want to consider installing a compaction system. The system can be customized to fit your space, and will save you money on overall disposal costs.

Flexible Recycling Fall River MA pick up schedules can be arranged around your business operating hours. Monthly, biweekly, and weekly pick ups are the most common frequencies needed. If you find that pick up needs to happen more than once a week, the company can look at your container size to see if a bigger one would better suit your needs. If your business is busier at specific times, or you are planning an event on-site, picking up your Recycling Fall River MA off schedule will be no problem. Call and schedule additional pick up services when you need them.

There are guidelines regarding what can go into recycling bins and what items cannot be included. For example, plastic bags cannot be placed in recycling bins. Most grocery or department stores have bins at their locations for recycling those. All paper, newspaper, and cardboard are allowed. Glass food and beverage containers are the only glass that can be placed in bins. Plastic jugs are okay, as long as they have a number one or two in the middle of the recycling symbol on the bottom. The facility for Recycling Fall River MA is not equipped to handle jugs with higher numbers. Most metal can be recycled including empty paint and aerosol cans, foil and pie plates, scrap metal, and all aluminum and tin cans. Waste Disposal Services are also offered, along with recycling. Cans, front load containers, and construction roll-off containers are provided for trash removal. You can have all your waste disposed of appropriately with one company.

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