Content Curation Solutions

Content curation is the gathering, organizing, and publishing of content relevant to a certain subject or idea. It is extremely helpful for teachers, instructors, marketers, social media gurus, and writers, as it localizes a variety of information from various sources, making for easier and more effective study or display of a single topic. There are a number of online tools and types of software designed to assist people in doing so. Following are some of the top content curation tools.

Business is one area where accurate and relevant information can be vital. Curata is a software provider that helps people in the marketng industry to efectively share such information as part of their strategy. ContentGems, MassRelevance, and Spundge are also geared toward the promotion of businesses and agencies.

Another great tool is, which allows users to utilize information from anywhere on the internet to create a newspaper. ClipZine is essentially a magazine-style version of Liiist and are, as the names imply, tools used to help create and share list content on the web. CurationSoft is a software that helps you reveal, curate and share content from all kinds of websites, including online stores like Ebay and Amazon, Google services (blogs, news, books, Google Plus), sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and much more.

Social media is quickly becoming a major part of the world today, and some very helpful websites are available that allow you to curate information to be shared from or displayed through social media. Sites like Storify and Pinterest allow you to choose subject-specific content and share it on a timeline. Others, like Addict-o-matic and The Tweeted Times, search the web and other peoples’ shared content automatically, to provide you with the latest trending subjects.

Postplanner is a tool or the widely popular social networking site Facebook. It helps you to locate content to share on your profile. Similar to Postplanner, but geared toward the blogging community, is the website Triberr, assisting users in finding relevant content from other bloggers.

With so much information available from so many different sources, it’s smart to have a way to find exactly the kind you are looking for. These are just some of the ways you can do so. While a few of the Top Content Curation Tools have been listed, so many more are out there, serving a wide variety of purposes.

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