Containing Hazards

Do your employees know what to do in the event of a fire? As the responsible person, you have a statutory duty to ensure your employees are adequately informed and trained to understand the procedures set out in the Health and Safety Act. You have a statutory duty to train your employees about fire safety in Hertfordshire. There are some basic things that your employees need to know.

Tackling The Flames
For example, extinguishers can be used on more than one class of fire. An extinguisher should not be used on a class of fire that is not indicated as acceptable on the extinguisher. Extinguishers come with different colour codes which indicate what kind/ class of fires they can tackle. For instance, a water based extinguisher should never be used to try and put out fires classified as class A or a fire with a live electrical source.

Basic Checks
There are a few basic checks that should be carried out before using any extinguisher. Most extinguishers have a gauge. This should be checked if the extinguisher is fully charged. Carbon dioxide and cartridge extinguishers don’t have gauges. Empowering your staff to understand how to deal with fire safety training in Hertfordshire is crucial as it could help save lives and property.

Approaching A Fire
Before approaching a fire, you should remove the pin and check the discharge range of the extinguisher. The water extinguisher is only suitable for class A fires; that is, flames that involve ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper and fabric. The water stream should be directed at the base of the flames, moving from side to side. As the flames diminish, you should change the stream to a spray by placing your finger over the nozzle. The spray is more effective in reducing the temperature of the embers. Dampen the embers to ensure they are out.

Hazard Detection
Employees should also understand about hazard detection and the accompanying alarms. Depending on the premises, these will differ. Apart from understanding the different classes of hazards, employees will need to be trained to understand the drills and other fire risks. It is essential employees understand safety procedures and the evacuation plan. There is a lot more that your employees need to know but it is not covered above.

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