Contact Your Local Heating Company in Palatine For Furnace Repair

Winter is here, and temperatures are dropping quickly. Because so many homeowners are running their furnaces more, there is a noticeable increase in energy consumption. It’s typical to have a higher energy bill when a furnace is running more, but some homes see a drastic increase. Having a monthly energy bill that’s triple or even quadruple what it normally is might be a sign that something is wrong. If a furnace isn’t operating properly it might have to work much harder than it should, causing a huge increase in monthly energy consumption. By calling a local heating company in Palatine area, homeowners can discover what is causing their furnace to draw so much energy and solve the problem quickly before the next energy bill comes.

A local heating company in Palatine can inspect heating appliances and explain to the homeowner what is causing the issue. If a unit is working harder than it should be it might be an indication of either the ducts in a home or the appliance itself. If the ducts are damaged warm air could be escaping into the interior walls or even outside the house. If warm air isn’t reaching the inside of the home, the furnace is going to continue to pump air until thermostat reports the target temperature. If the unit itself is not working properly, there could be a problem with one of the components in the appliance. Certain components can be repaired or replaced quickly by a trained professional, and the unit will operate normally.

If a local heating company inspects a heating appliance and finds it too damaged to repair it might be time to replace it. Major appliances such as a furnace should be replaced by a trained professional. Proper installation will help assure better performance and longer operation. Newer units also come with a warranty that might not be honored if the appliance isn’t installed correctly by a professional service provider. Replacing an aging heating appliance is not only an excellent way to stay comfortable all winter, it can also save money monthly energy costs since they run more efficiently than older models.

If you need help with your heating and cooling near Palatine, contact Five Star Heating & Air, Inc today.

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