Contact an Expert for Your Whiplash Injury

During a vehicular collision, your head will fly forward, leading to strained muscles and tendons in your neck. Overcoming this injury can take a long time, so you must use special processes to heal your neck and to relieve your pain. A Jacksonville, Fl, whiplash injury clinic will have experts to help you feel better faster. In addition to examining your neck and collecting medical images, the physicians can provide a customized supportive brace to reduce your pain. There are also other treatments that can help you to overcome your injury faster, and the experts at an injury center can create a health care plan for you.

Special Exercises and Therapies

At home, you can overcome some of the pain from your injury by applying a heating pad or ice packs, along with taking mild pain relievers. However, at a Jacksonville whiplash injury clinic, there are physical therapists who can design an exercise program to help you overcome the stiffness and pain in your neck. In many cases, the discomfort from a whiplash will radiate into other areas of your body, including your back and shoulders, so you may need spinal manipulation or additional physical therapy. If you are experiencing excruciating headaches, then a physician can prescribe stronger pain medications.

Overcoming the Long-term Pain from a Whiplash

Remember, if you have a whiplash injury, then it requires an average of six to eight weeks to feel better, but some individuals continue to have long-term difficulties. When you are still having discomfort after the normal recovery time, it is time to visit a Jacksonville whiplash injury specialist for assistance. A whiplash expert can collect new X-rays to determine if you have pinched nerves in your neck, shoulders or back that require additional treatment.

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