Consulting A Motorcycle Injury Attorney In Murfreesboro, TN

Governmental statistics show that injuries are thirty-five percent more likely in a motorcycle accident than those that happen in automobiles. The predominant reasons relate to the impact of the accident, as motorcycles do not present as much protection from damage as a car would. Highway patrol requires motorcycle owners to take further precautions when driving since it is common traffic violations that lead to these occurrences. Any victim who was injured in an accident should contact a Motorcycle Injury Attorney in Murfreesboro TN.

How Motorcycle Accidents are Caused
A vast majority of motorcycle accidents involve head-on collisions. The accidents may occur due to a traffic violation or blind spots. These collisions represent at least seventy percent of motorcycle accidents that occur in the country. Motorcycle riders who travel straight into intersections, attempt to pass automobiles too closely, or try to push their way into a lane of traffic often become victims of accidents. Left-turns are the most common occurrence that leads to injuries.

Although it is not deemed illegal for motorcycle riders, lane splitting often produces an accident. The attributes of these events are traveling too closely to other vehicles, limited space to maneuver the vehicle properly, and sudden stops. Law enforcement assigns fault based on the driver who caused the accident. If lane splitting is illegal on identified roadways, the motorcycle rider may be at fault due to this traffic violation.

High Performance Motorcycles
Any motorcycle that exceeds a speed of 160 miles per hour is considered a high-performance option. The determination as to whether it is street legal depends on local laws that apply. These motorcycles do contribute to higher risks of an accident if modified. At this time, the state requires drivers of these motorcycle to be at least thirty years of age.

Motorcycle riders are more likely to sustained head and neck injuries during an accident. Although the law requires them to wear helmets while operating these vehicles, they do not prevent injury in high impact accidents. Any victim who sustained a traumatic brain injury due to an accident should contact a Motorcycle Injury Attorney in Murfreesboro TN or Click Here for further details.

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