Considering Colors for Roofing in Joplin, MO When Warning Signs Indicate It’s Time for Replacement

When the warning signs indicate it’s time for new Roofing in Joplin MO, homeowners can stick with the same color of shingles they have now if they want to. However, many people decide this is an ideal time to make a significant change to the appearance of the house. They may feel that a lighter or darker color will be an attractive modification.

Replacement or Reroofing

This can be done even if the homeowners choose to have a second layer of shingles placed over the original installation. Sometimes, property owners do this to save money compared with shingle tear-off and full replacement of roofing in Joplin MO. Contractors generally recommend removing the old material so they can see if any of the decking needs replacement due to moisture damage. However, if the structure can support two sets of shingles, they will add them if requested.


Contractors advise prospective customers to take shingle samples home and look at them against the exterior walls to see how well the colors coordinate. People typically decide on new paint colors by bringing samples home, but they may not think to do this with shingles. Although it’s difficult to visualize an entire roof, it still conveys a good idea of how well the hues go together.

Considering Style

It’s important to consider the home’s exterior design when choosing colors and patterns of asphalt shingles. A standard ranch home will look attractive with just about any color, but a Spanish style will look odd with a roof color that doesn’t match the traditional look of clay tiles. These roofs usually are red, orange, gray, or a blend of those colors. A touch of slate blue might be included.

Warning Signs

What are some of the warning signs that it’s time to think about hiring a contractor such as Falcon Roofing LLC? A leak is the most obvious one, although sometimes a leak can be repaired. Homeowners should keep an eye out for asphalt granules in the gutters and at the ends of the downspouts. As the shingles become more worn, they are less effective at protecting the building from the elements.

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