Considerations to Make Before Calling for Loading Dock Repairs in Cape Coral FL

A business that sends and delivers a high volume of products realizes the importance of efficient delivery systems, and having a good dock leveler is crucial. Business owners can ensure success by following these tips for selecting the right leveler.

Choose the Right Type

There are three types of dock levelers: air, mechanical and hydraulic. All three serve a similar purpose but have different design elements. Hydraulic levelers are best for frequent, large deliveries, while mechanical levelers are an economical option because they work without electricity. Finally, air powered levelers are another option, but they require frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Determine the Maximum Capacity

A dock leveler’s capacity must be able to stand up to the gross weight of equipment. Consider these factors when determining capacity.

     • The number of loads and vehicles that will use the dock
     • The ramp’s angle
     • The weight of the heaviest load and lift truck

A company that does loading Dock Repairs in Cape Coral FL can help a business owner determine the correct capacity.

Assess the Size of the Dock

High-capacity trailers are increasingly common, and many have lower beds to accommodate bigger loads. Add in low-profile tires and air-ride suspensions, and there may be a significant gap between the trailer bed and the loading dock. A longer dock leveler can efficiently and safely accommodate a range of bed heights to prevent steep inclines.

Protect the Dock With Bumpers

Using the correct bumpers can protect a loading dock from a delivery vehicle’s reversing impact. Most bumpers are about four inches thick, but a five-inch-thick bumper can provide reinforcement in heavily trafficked areas.

Leveler Beam Construction Should Suit the Company’s Needs

The use and weight of a leveler are important criteria in choosing the right setup. Box beams are good for occasional use; they’re hollow and they wear out fairly quickly. Higher-volume loads call for I-beams, as they reinforce levelers at the bottom. These are a bit more expensive, but they’re a worthwhile investment.

Local Pros Can Recommend the Right Dock Levelers

If a business owner is still undecided as to what their needs are and how much they should invest in dock levelers, they can contact Honc Docks & Lifts for more details. Call today or visit them online to learn more about loading Dock Repairs in Phoenix AZ. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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