Considerations for Selecting a Steam Trap

Not every Steam Trap is created equally. Additionally, different applications will require a different type of steam trap. It is important to consider these factors when selecting the steam trap that is right for your needs. Some considerations that will help you select the best steam trap for your needs are highlighted here.

Air Venting

During the beginning of the process, the space in the heater will be filled up with air, which unless it is displaced, will reduce the amount of heat transfer and also increase the total amount of warm up time necessary. When start up times increase, plant efficiency will decrease. It is much more preferable to purge the air as fast as possible before it mixes with the incoming steam. If the steam and air is mixed together, they will only be able to be separated by condensing the present steam in order to leave the air, which then has to be vented into a safe area.

In these situations, thermostatic traps offer an advantage over other types of traps since they will be completely open at the start up. However, in some cases float traps and thermodynamic traps will also be capable of getting the job done.

Removal of Condensate

Once the air has been vented, the trap must pass the condensate, but avoid passing the steam. If steam is leaked at this point in the process, it will create an uneconomical and inefficient system. The steam trap will also have to allow the condensate to pass all while trapping the steam that was created in the process. If you require great heat transfer for your process, then the condensate needs to be discharged immediately at the temperature of the steam. One of the main causes of an inefficient steam plant is waterlogging due to using the wrong type of steam trap.

Performance of the Plant

Once the basic requirements for removing condensate and air are considered, attention should then be turned to the performance of the plant. Put simply, unless a steam trap has been specifically designed for waterlog, the steam space needs to be filled with dry and clean steam.

Taking the time to select the proper steam trap is essential for an efficient plant application and operation. Keep these factors in mind when you are selecting the steam trap for your particular application. To know more Click Here

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