Consider an L-Shaped Kitchen for Better Efficiency

If you want to hire a Remodeling Company in Naples FL to renovate your large, inefficient kitchen, consider having the contractor change the layout to an L-shaped design. That’s one of the most efficient and convenient kitchen layouts and will save you from having to take so many steps from one work area to another.

People often don’t realize just how tiring it can be to do meal preparation in a large kitchen that doesn’t have a good layout. You’re stuck walking around from the meal prep counter area to the cabinets, stove, sink and refrigerator. All those features should be just two or three steps away from one another. You also probably have to deal with family members traipsing through your work area to get to the refrigerator, the coffeepot or a cabinet.

In an L-shaped kitchen created by a contractor such as EBL Interiors, you will probably have the refrigerator at the end of the L long led, and at the entrance to the kitchen from the rest of the house. That allows other people in the house to reach the refrigerator without disrupting your work space.

The long leg of the L has either the sink or stove as well, and the short leg has whichever of these two features you didn’t include near the refrigerator. You’ll have a big counter work space wrapping around the bend in the L. Cabinets also wrap around underneath and on top — except for a window over the sink. With this layout, you never have to leave the L area to do any of your meal prep, cooking and baking projects. Since your kitchen is large, you can have an eating area there in the open space away from the L.

The Remodeling Company in Naples FL may be able to increase window space or add skylights so you get extra natural light. You can have the remodeling contractor change your countertops and flooring. You’ll have a beautiful and more functional kitchen that is truly inviting. If you’re interested in seeing examples of the high-quality features you can add to the room, click here to learn more.


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